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10/24/15 - Club Garibaldi - MILWAUKEE
11/14/15 - Highdive - CHAMPAIGN IL
11/24/15 - Taproom - LOUISVILLE
12/4/15 - TBD - CINCINNATI
12/5/15 - Carabar - COLUMBUS

"With riffs that blend together Future of the Left’s angular attack and Melvins grunge-esque unruly assail, it’s hard not to like them, assuming of course you’re not a pussy. Their energy really seeps through the speakers and captures their essence. In fact, you can almost smell the sweat of them playing as you listen. Which is a little disturbing." - subba-cultcha.com

"The band's tight rhythm section features super macho drumming and infectious thumpy bass lines. Layered on top are strangely schizophrenic guitars and a vocalist who truly sounds like he is in pain." - babysue.com (top pick!)

"from what i can discern they might be slightly offensive - not as offensive as FEAR, but more than the murder city devils, and everything hits hard like both of those bands, like a beer bottle over the head." - big takeover

"Bloomington, Indiana trio Waxeater have a debut titled Sleeper which fits nicely alongside early to mid-nineties Touch and Go bands like Tar, Jesus Lizard, and friends. Dirty vocals, strychnine guitar pulses, and steady drums bring a strain of punk/hardcore that will have some remembering exactly what they never got from pop happy melodies and current buzzbands who brag about smoking weed (as if that’s rare)." - parasites and sycophants

"waxeater come blazing out of the stables dishing out a large helping of noisy post-punk/hardcore that seems to come from different areas of influence. Definitely on the Midwestern side of things ala Chicago, I hear influences ranging from bands such as Shellac. Add to this a dose of Hot Snakes and possibly Drive Like Jehu, and I think you can begin to see where Waxeater are going with their sound. Couple this with great tempo changes, rhythmic driven bass, and an ominous roughness that completes the package. At times Waxeater seem to just have fun rocking out and having a good time. This is what makes Sleeper an infectious listen that begs for your attention!" - elementary revolt

"Hardcore punk in a lo-fi, almost stoner style if it weren’t so bitter about women and lethargically anti-capitalist" - the aquarian (new jersey's premiere free toilet paper)


released April 1, 2010

the "ON DECK" split 7" was recorded and mixed in one day, February 28th 2010, at sleepwalker studio by eric day.

it was mastered by carl saff of chicago's saff mastering.

this release was a split with lawrence, kansas' JABBERJOSH. it came out on Useless World Records



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WAXEATER Louisville, Kentucky



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